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The mDOT Center currently works with a set of six service projects. The goal of the mDOT Center is to create a new capability for researchers so they can discover, optimize, and deploy temporally precise mHealth interventions in real-life. Such interventions will be individualized to the moment-to-moment biopsychosocial-environmental context of each individual to directly prevent, manage or treat medical conditions. Our three TR&D’s will be conducting research and developing unique mHealth technology to realize this vision. They will be working with real-life data from collaborating projects (CPs) and working closely with CP investigators to ensure that their research is addressing real-life health research problems. To ensure that unique technological resources being developed by mDOT can be quickly adopted by a large community of health researchers, mDOT will work with a diverse group of external investigators as service project collaborators. As the goal of mDOT is to create a new mHealth technological asset in the research community, successful transition of mDOT technology to a diverse group of service projects is essential to test and enhance the research utility of mDOT. We have assembled a diverse set of service projects. As mDOT technologies become more mature, we expect rapid growth in interested service projects that will deploy mDOT technologies.

Our current selection of SP’s includes projects that work with each TR&D. These SP’s are projects that have been in discussion with mDOT Center investigators about their needs that are being served by the technologies being developed by mDOT. Hence, they are well-equipped to test and deploy mDOT Center technologies as soon as they become available.

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