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The mHTI is a national connector/incubator/facilitator for advancing mHealth researchers with the transdisciplinary expertise and networks for co-creating practical healthcare solutions with societal impact.

Scholars develop a shared vocabulary and conceptual framework, acquire deep domain expertise in latest mHealth technologies and methodologies, and obtain the soft skills and team science abilities and connections essential for mHealth innovation.

Faculty from top universities and organizations across the country provide scholars with deep-dive insights into their individual areas of expertise.

New and established academic “unicorns” seeking to develop and implement integrated mHealth approaches to tackle healthcare problems.

Interested in participating in mHTI 2024?

Join the next cohort of scholars in devloping solutions to healthcare problems.
Sending Institutions
Several institutions across many disciplines have sent their faculty for training.
Faculty Trained
Over the past 8 mHTIs, hundreds of faculty and future faculty have received hands-on-training.