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CuesHub: Stress Alerts App for Smartwatches

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CuesHub: Stress Alerts App for Smartwatches

CuesHub, a startup that develops AI technology for wearable devices, recently launched the Stress Alerts app that turns a smartwatch into a personal stress assistant to provide real-time relief in stressful moments for the user. The app also delivers daily tips based on stress management research and positive psychology to help a person build stress resilience. To preserve users’ privacy, the app does not ask for or store any personal information.

Currently available for Samsung Galaxy and Fossil smartwatches, the CuesHub Stress Alerts app uses licensed technology developed by the mHealth Center for Discovery, Optimization & Translation of Temporally-Precise Interventions (mDOT) at the University of Memphis.

The app detects stressful events using AI developed from 16 years of multidisciplinary research. In a 100-day study called MOODS (Mobile Open Observation of Daily Stressors), 122 participants tested out the licensed technology, letting it track their stress and stressors. The study participants reported increased stress awareness, discovered dominant stressors in their lives, and found new ways to mitigate stress, all resulting in declining stress as the study progressed.

CuesHub, founded as a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), aims to make the world around us better by reshaping the way people interact with one another, especially when stressed. With a slogan of “Better Self, Better Life,” CuesHub seeks to help people reach their happiness potential.

The CuesHub Stress Alerts app can be found in the Health and Fitness section of the Google Play Store. No smartphone app is needed. To install the app on your Galaxy or Fossil smartwatch, open the “Play Store” directly on your watch, search for “CuesHub” and open the app after it is installed.

CuesHub, PBC: CuesHub was founded in 2022 by Dr. Santosh Kumar, director of mDOT, and Dr. Tim Hnat, former chief software architect of mDOT. For more information, visit

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